The Global Code of Ethics "Live"
Pamela Caravas

What is The Global Code of Ethics "Live" masterclass?

We are so excited to be able to give you this unique opportunity. Nowhere in the world is there any other masterclass delivered with its focus on the Global Code of Ethics and the codes used by the biggest coaching bodies. Seven hours filled with relevant topics, historical moments related to ethics, the philosophical questions raised, and so much more.

What will you learn during these seven hours?

  • Why a code of ethics is necessary for all coaches
  • How the code protects an unregulated profession and helps coaches become professionals
  • How neuroscience has stepped in and answered (or not) the old philosophical questions on morality
  • Case studies where all students have to participate, think, reflect and find the answer in the codes
  • One-on-one coaching with a lucky few

It is well known that to behave in an ethical way is important for each professional coach. But it is not always crystal clear what we actually mean by ‘behaving in an ethical way’. To specify this a number of ‘ethical codes’ exist such as the EMCC Code of Ethics and the ICF Code of Ethics. Together both organisations have even created the Professional Charter for Coaching and Mentoring that is registered with the European Commission.

But even though these codes help clarify the issue different views remain. Acting responsibly is a matter of personal (and cultural) opinion where one coach accepts a behaviour that the next coach definitely regards as non-ethical.

We will see how personal opinion affects professional ethical behaviour and will be able to discuss different opinions and choices made by the participants, bearing in mind that not always only one possible solution is ‘right’ with all the others being ‘wrong’.

What this Masterclass does not do is just tell you what to do when. But it will make you more sensitive for the unexpected choices you are faced with when working as a professional coach or mentor.

To accomplish that our motto for the day will be: Being able to reflect on what you feel as being ethical or non-ethical is more important than just making the right choices all the time without knowing why.

So join us this May on a journey with our Masterclass leader, Alexander Vreede.


May 5, 2018 in Thessaloniki, Greece (10.00 - 17.00)

May 6, 2018 in Athens, Greece (10.30 - 17.30)


Free for current Practitioner level students

25 euros for past students and Foundation level students

NOTE: this masterclass counts for six hours of CPD (Continuous Professional Development) for all students that have completed their foundation or practitioner course and the Certification of Attendance can be used for their EIA application to the EMCC.

Who is Alexander Vreede?

Alexander Vreede (69) is an experienced professional coach from the Netherlands (EIA Senior Practitioner Level). After studying (protestant) theology he worked as a psychotherapist and hospital manager before (in 2001) starting his own private practice as a coach.

Between 2004 and 2012 he was president of the Dutch coaching organisation NOBCO/EMCC-NL (2.000 members). In that capacity he set up the independent complaints committee for coaches with is a central element of the Dutch Ethical Code of Conduct for coaches.

Since 2009 and until 2016 he was treasurer in the Executive Board of EMCC and in this role was involved in all developments around the cooperation between EMCC and ICF and the Professional Charter for Coaching and Mentoring.

Today, along with his own practice he is involved in the EMCC committee dedicated to setting the right foundations for ethics and a complaints system for coaches in relation to their practice.

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